I am a graduate student at Michigan State University.

I study technology and how it can help people learn.

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Considering constraints

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about the role of constraints in learning. I first got interested in this idea a few years ago after reading a review paper on virtual manipulatives. Moyer-Packenham and Westenskow (2013) conducted a meta-analysis of studies of virtual manipulatives (VMs), finding an overall moderate positive effect on learning. They … Continue reading Considering constraints

Un-structuring mathematics

In two of my courses this semester, we’ve spent some time talking about well-structured domains (WSDs) and ill-structured domains (ISDs) and the ways in which beneficial instruction might look different for each. A well-structured domain is one in which all concepts and procedures can be readily delineated and described. By contrast, “[i]ll-structured domains are characterized … Continue reading Un-structuring mathematics

Making the Leap

I just returned from my first time at the annual SITE (Society of Information Technology in Teacher Education) conference. I had a wonderful time learning about all sorts of ed tech research and connecting with new colleagues. My contribution to the conference was a brief presentation about the ways in which we (meaning the research … Continue reading Making the Leap

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