Publications and Presentations

Conference Papers

Rich, K. M., & Bates, M. S. (2018, April). An exploration of fact fluency development in 150,000 elementary students. Research report to be presented at NCTM Research Conference in Washington, DC.

*Rich, K., Strickland, C., Binkowski, T. A., Moran, C., and Franklin, D. (2017, August). K-8 Learning Trajectories Derived from Research Literature: Sequence, Repetition, Conditionals. In Proceedings of the 2017 ACM Conference on International Computing Education Research (pp. 182-190). ACM.

Rich, K., Strickland, C., & Franklin, D. (2017, March). A Literature Review through the Lens of Computer Science Learning Goals Theorized and Explored in Research. In Proceedings of the 2017 ACM SIGCSE Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education (pp. 495-500). ACM.

*This paper won the John Henry Award at the 2017 International Computing Education Research (ICER) conference.

Conference Posters and Presentations

Building Mathematics + Computational Thinking Trajectories from Literature. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association; San Antonio, TX; April 2017. Co-presenters: Jelena Pokimica, Quinn Wherfel, Carla Strickland, and Cheryl Moran.

Using Computation to Define Computational Thinking. Presentation at the Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics Annual Meeting; Peoria, IL; October 2016. Co-presenter: T. Andrew Binkowski.

Touching Screens or Touching Objects: Which is Better and When? Workshop at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Annual Meeting; April 2016. Co-presenters: Carla Strickland and Catherine Donaldson.

Engagement: What’s the Problem? Presentation at the Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics Annual Meeting; Tinley Park, IL; October 2015.

Tasks, Technology, and Feedback: What Engages the Learner? Presentation at the Ontario Association for Mathematics Education Annual Conference; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; May 2015.

The CEMSE Number Stories Project. Presentation at CabriWorld IV and IberoAmerican Cabri Conference; Medellin, Colombia; October 2014. Co-presenter: Jim Flanders.