Welcome to my site.

Hello, readers. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I’m a first-year student in Michigan State University’s Ph.D. program in Educational Psychology and Educational Technology (EPET). I hope to develop a research program that focuses on mathematics education, computational thinking, and the role of technology in the development of mental models.

Before coming to the EPET program,  I earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a master’s degree in learning sciences, then spent ten years as an editor and developer of mathematics instructional materials at the University of Chicago. I hope to use this experience to help me make direct connections between my research and classroom practice.

I plan to update this blog each week on Friday, and have a few recurring themes that will include the following:

  • Exploring the many tensions I navigate in my work.
  • Sharing my thoughts on tech products making their way into classrooms.
  • Pointing out connections between areas of research, teaching practice, or everyday life that I found particularly useful.
  • Articulating and discussing the big questions that we’ll likely never answer in full.

Feel free to come along for the ride and chime in via the comments! For the month of August I’ll mostly be setting up the rest of this site — but the blogging begins in September.

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